Cruising Connecticut With a Picnic Basket


The Picnic – Cruising Connecticut provides all the information needed to plan the perfect picnic—the occasion or activity, and the available facilities. For example, is there a picnic table or lawn to spread out on, or will we be balancing food on our laps while sitting on a bench? Are there charcoal grills for cooking? Will we be picnicking from a backpack or a tailgate? All this information is helpful in order to determine how long and how comfortable our picnic may be, and, perhaps even more important, what we will pack in our picnic basket.

Time to Picnic

“The first picnic option is next to a large pond to the immediate left after entering the park. On this day in mid-summer, it is covered almost entirely by variegated shades of pink, fuchsia, and white water lilies, and on closer inspection we see a frog hopping from one green lily pad to another. Really!”

~ Gillette Castle

“After lunch, the ambience of this country setting causes us to linger—but not for long. There is more shopping to do!”

~ The Shoppes at Marlborough Barn

“No one else is outside on this September weekday afternoon, and only the unpacking of our picnic basket and the melodious river flowing amidst the rocks interrupts the quiet.”

~ Brookfield Craft Center