Cruising Connecticut With a Picnic Basket


Scroll down to see if there have been any major changes to your destination. Note that changes in dates, hours of operation and cost of admission will not be included on this page. Visitors may want to check the website or call ahead to make sure the information is still accurate.

Arts, Music & Theater
Brookfield Craft Center - (August 2013) Because of a weakened economy, the center is suspending operations until further notice.

City Walking Tours
New Haven 
Yale Center For British Art - (August 2013) This summer and fall the museum will embark on the first phase of a major conservation project. Visit website: for more information on this project and a second phase during 2015.
Yale University Art Gallery - (August 2013) This museum has been renovated and expanded, increasing space and offerings substantially. Visit website: for more information.

Hiking & Biking
Air Line Rail Trail - (August 2013) New website: Click Town Departments. Scroll down to Parks and Recreation. Click. On left click Facilities. Click Air Line State Park Trail for info and map. In addition to the ten miles described in book, note three additional miles in the fourth town of Lebanon 

Historic Homes & Gardens
Boothe Memorial Park & Museum - (August 2013) It was just discovered there is a typo in the website. The correct website is

Special Interest
Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine
NEW: "Anticipated date" for re-opening is May, 2015.
(June 2013) The 3rd Edition of Cruising Connecticut states that this museum is closed for restoration work and that the anticipated date for re-opening is May, 2012.